TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Many people are making New Year’s resolutions and for some, that may include finding a new path in life.

A local life coach is sharing advice on how to take the first step. Tammy Shike, a certified professional life coach, runs TSS Transformation in Terre Haute. She says life coaching is about bringing out the best in a person, helping them recognize their talents, and honing those skills.

She has this advice for people unsure of what direction to take in life.

“Maybe it’s just a matter of feeling like you need to make a change and not sure how to do that, and not even sure what that change is, and so just talking that out,” Shike explained.
“It’s very hard to take just a tiny step, but reaching out and saying ‘maybe I’m lost, I’m not even sure,’ is that step to finding out if you need someone.”

You can learn more about TSS Transformation and the services offered on the TSS Transformation website.