TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — One local group brought cars, vendors and more to the Wabash Valley Fairgrounds as part of a fundraiser for Riley Children’s Hospital.

The Wabash Valley Misfits are a newly formed Jeep group that’s goal is helping the community. This group goes all across the Valley raising money for many different types of charity organizations. Jack Hatton is the founder of the Misfits, and he goes into more detail about what this group is.

“The Wabash Valley Misits is a group I started on August 12th of last year. We started with 18 members and we up to almost 500 now. We do a lot of local charities, and we like to help the community out and bring families together.”

There are many families in this group and area that have been helped tremendously by Riley’s, and this is no different for Hatton.

“My daughter, when she was about months old, had a brain aneurism and she was a Riley’s child. She is 18 years old now and doing very well. This is very dear to me. A lot of members in the group, a lot of their families, have people that go to Riley’s. I’ve always cherished what they do for people and their families.”

There was many different type of craft booths at this event. One special face painting both was ran by Callista. Callista was a Riley’s kid that has since became healthy and talks about what she has done to help out Riley’s.

“I was just declared in remission last month in July. It’s been ten years. I’ve donated money to the Riley’s Children Hospital wagon and that’s at Hospital North.”

The Misfit’s next event will be their Trails for Tykes in Dugger. That will be held on August 12th.