TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Many humane societies across the Wabash Valley are experiencing capacity issues as colder days approach.

Terre Haute resident Taylor Switzer and her neighbor found a few small kittens abandoned outside her home in Terre Haute.

“It was three little kittens and you know it was cold Friday so I offered to bring them over to my house,” Switzer said. “Like I have animals. I have a cat so I had food and water and a bed for them.”

As this is a busy time for many animal shelters in the area, she opened her home because there was no where else for the animals to go.

“I called pretty much every feline center, humane society around here, in surrounding counties,” Switzer said. “Everywhere is booked so I am on a waitlist for the Terre haute Humane Society to get them in there.”

Switzer has put up a post on her Facebook account about the kittens being available.

Charles Brown, executive director for Terre Haute Humane Society says from now through the first months of the new year is when they usually see an uptick.

“There is an uptake especially with stray animals,” Brown explained. “You know we’ll start to see an increase in stray animals that are in trouble. Cold weather kind of exacerbates the issues that sometimes spring and summer hide.”

Though many people enjoy getting their hands on kittens and puppies, the Terre Haute Humane Society say they might think about adopting an older animal.

“They usually make the best companions,” Brown said. “They’re settled into their routine. They’re not going to chew things up, they’re not going to require a lot of exercise and typically your middle aged dogs are easier to train.”

A home for the holiday program at the Terre Haute Humane Society will run through Christmas Eve and allow people to adopt animals at a discounted rate.