TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Many college students across the county will cast a ballot for the time for the upcoming midterm election.

However, some may not know when and where to vote.

The American Democracy Project is a nonpartisan group that has different chapters in hundreds of universities across the country. Its goal is to educate and engage students in civil society and voting.

Indiana State University ADP President Emilee Hartzler said that she’s noticed that students are taking a bigger interest in voting.

“The younger generation is getting more interested in voting and who’s representing them and who’s making laws because those are things that really stand out to them,” Hartzler said.

ADP frequently host information tables and events to give out voting information and assist students in registering to vote.

Hartzler explained that mail-in voting and early voting are popular for students. This is due to the fact that some students are far away from home and are unable to vote on Election Day. She said that the group specifically guides students along the process of find out when are where to vote.

“We kind of focus on helping students with mail-in ballots or change their address to Terre Haute so that they can vote here on Election Day,” Hartzler said.

Ashley Audo is a junior at ISU and said that he first time voting was two years ago on campus. She said that the voting process was easy for her.

“They had a little slip with the different names of people who were running and you just filled it the little bubble and turned it in,” Audo said.

For sophomore Mackenzie Carson, she said that she’s never cast a ballot before. The central Indiana native said that she’s still figuring out when and where to vote.

“I don’t know exactly how it works so I’ll probably lean on my mom a little bit for that and ask her some questions,” Carson said.

The deadline for mail-in voting in Indiana was on October 27th.