CLARK COUNTY, Ill. (WTWO/WAWV) – Gas prices are slowly on the decline, but that’s not stopping drivers from traveling to find the best deal.

Illinois resident Rob Bothwell said that he’s willing to travel long distances to fill up his tank. On Monday, his travels led him to Clark County logging just over 50 miles looking for a deal.

“This is probably the furthest we’ve traveled for less expensive gas.” Bothwell said. “I wouldn’t say this is cheap, just less expensive.”

Bothwell’s travels took him to a Shell station on Illinois 1 just off of I-70. This station’s price is $4.12 per gallon. All the other stations in the area are at the same price. The $4.12 number sits about 90 cents below Illinois’ state average and 25 cents below Clark County’s average according to AAA.

Shell District Manager Laura Large said that they have to keep prices down to remain competitive.

“If they go up, we stay down,” Large explained. “We try not to go up very much.”

The gas in neighboring Vigo County is roughly 50 cents higher than this Shell’s prices and the handful of other gas stations in the area. Large said that she’s seeing an increase in drivers crossing state and county lines to fill up.

“There’s a lot of West Terre Haute, Terre Haute coming over here,” Large said. “We’ve got to meet a lot of new people and we love it.”

According to Patrick DeHaan with GasBuddy, stations have a wide range on how to price with a big drop in supplier wholesale prices. This is something that area drivers are noticing.

“You can go 10, 15 miles down the road and it’ll be 50, 60 cents more expensive,” Bothwell said.

The average price of gas in Indiana currently sits at $4.58.