TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Local business owner, Robb Crick, owner of Cricket Box Furniture, has announced his retirement and the store’s closing after being a part of the local community since 1976.

Starting as a small real estate office on Main Street in Farmersburg, Indiana, Crick described how his father’s real estate business slowly became a furniture business.

“We actually started in 1976 or so. My dad had a real estate office and he actually started and opened up an antique store in his real estate office. He had some extra space and he enjoyed doing it and went to some auctions,” Crick explained.

Throughout the years, Cricket Box Furniture conducted business out of various locations around the Wabash Valley. Although Crick is retiring from the furniture business, he’s returning to the family business roots – real estate. 

“Actually, I’m going to concentrate on the original business which was our real estate activities,” Crick said. “So it’s just shifting gears to what the business actually was at the same time or before the furniture business, and when my dad got me involved with over the years. I’ve worked 35 years, I’m getting ready to turn 53 here in a week, and I’ve worked straight out of high school,” he added.

After serving the community for many years, Crick stressed the importance of the community on the success and support of his family’s business. 

“We do want to impress upon folks that we appreciate the business and them helping us wrap things up over the next few months. We know the people from the area, we’re from the area, my mom and dad are really from Sullivan, you know we’re from this region and have been for decades and decades,” Crick said.

Cricket Box Furniture’s total liquidation is scheduled for May 5 at 2901 Wabash Ave.