TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – As gas prices continue to rise, officials say that many are looking for other means of transportation.

Crossroads Cyclery Owner Jim Mauriello said that sales of bikes are up and he’s received numerous questions from potential customers about bikes.

“Now that the gas prices are what they are, a lot of people are thinking about riding when they can,” Mauriello said.

For Illinois resident Dirk Summers, he said that this is a choice he will choose to make.

Summers is a usual biker who travelled to Griffin Bike Park for a midday bike ride. He said that at home he uses his bike for small trips to a store or a restaurant to save gas.

“We ride on that sometimes to just go get coffee or go out to eat and things like that,” Summers said.

Even Mauriello said that he’s cutting back on the car. He said that he’d occasionally take his bike to and from work. However, he made the full-time switch to bike commuting just a few weeks ago.

“A couple of weeks ago I started ago I started that,” Mauriello said. “I’ve been riding everyday since the last gas hike as it was easier to ride to work than it was to put gas in the truck.”

As people begin the process of potentially biking to and from destinations, Mauriello advised that they are certain things to think about before making that decision.

For example, he mentioned that many forget that if you were to ride a bike to work, something that is often forgotten in the process is that you need a place to park it for the day.

“So there’s just a lot of process to think through,” Mauriello said.

However, Mauriello encourages the use of bike not only for transportation, but also for ones health.