LINTON, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The city of Linton is making progress toward improving the flooding issue in one of its most-used parks.

If you have ever been to Humphrey’s Park after it’s rained, you may have noticed quite a bit of water.

The Mayor of Linton, John Wilkes, said this is because the park sits in a bowl shape.

Because of this, he said all of the water from the north and the west runs down into the park, and the park catches all of the water.

A couple of years ago, the city cleaned out some of the ditches which Wilkes said helped a little.

Now, the Indiana Department of Transportation is helping the city take further steps to fix the problem.

“We’ve been with INDOT and there’s a culvert that runs under the highway and in 2024, they’re going to redo that culvert. They’re going to take that culvert out and put a bigger culvert in and that’s going to help immensely,” Wilkes said.

He explained they are also currently working with the ditches on the north side of the park to also help combat the issue.

“Right now we’re in a process at the north of the park, there’s a ditch that runs down the north end of the park and we’re covering that ditch and putting pipe in and that water is going to run in two different ditches and that’s going to help,” Wilkes said.

Wilkes said both of these improvements are minor changes and will not completely solve the problem. However, he said the city will continue to work with INDOT to develop a plan on how to address the issue moving forward.