TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — With bird droppings on city streets, windows and park benches, crows are creating difficulties for downtown businesses.

It’s been a continuous battle between the birds and owners.

“I have worked in the downtown area for about 40 years, this is not a new problem,” Marla Flowers, Executive Director with the Vigo County Historical Society, said. “It’s an ongoing problem.”

Flowers said everything has been attempted, from rooftop sprinklers to flare guns.

Several buildings, including the Historical Society, now have wavy inflatable tube men on top to ward off any unwanted visitors. It’s a strategy that has yielded results.

“It doesn’t solve the problem, but again, it addresses it,” Flowers said. “They don’t want to come near the wavy dancing men.”

However, local leaders are looking for a permanent solution. The Downtown Terre Haute Advisory Board and Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce are asking for the community’s input on a survey.

The survey will seek answers to questions like: how severe is this problem, are crows more active during a certain time of day and how businesses are handling the birds? Click on this link for the full survey.

Board co-chair Brandon Halleck said accurate information will help the organization make better use of resources.

“The point of this survey is to really bring folks together and come together and find a way on how we can move these crows out of downtown Terre Haute and really restore downtown into a year long beautification,” he said.

Halleck also said it could be helpful to see how other business are tackling this issue.

“We want to put a good image here in Terre Haute for everyone visiting,” Halleck said.

As Terre Haute looks to boost tourism, Flowers said she fears bird droppings on city streets send the wrong message to visitors.

“They’re leaving messes on the window, it’s just not pleasant for visitors in downtown to come see it,” Flowers said.