A company is helping to promote fire safety by donating smoke detectors.

Koorsen Fire and Security presented the Honey Creek Fire Department with 150 smoke detectors.

Those smoke detectors will go to residents who need them in the Honey Creek Township.

District General Products Manager with Koorsen, Jim Wills, says smoke detectors are so important, because they’re your first warning during a fire.

Jim Wills says, “The sooner that you can be alerted to it the better. The fire department they’re going to be there. They’re going to help you, but they’re minutes away and when seconds count that’s important. So this will alert you get you up out of bed, get you going if you have a fire, get you out of the house. Everything else can be replaced. Everything else can be totally replaced, but lives cannot.”

You’re also reminded to change the batteries in your smoke detector twice a year. If it does not require batteries, you still need to check it.