KNOX COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Knox County officials continue to deal with damage left behind by storms earlier this week.

Knox County Commissioner Kellie Streeter said that they’re continuing to find more roads that that have been washed out, and seeing even more trees blocking roadways.

“We found several roads washed out even after this last round of storms,” Streeter said. “Now with the saturation, we’re seeing many trees down across the county.”

More rain is in the forecast for Knox County on Wednesday. The roads in the area are still very saturated from the storms earlier in the week. Streeter said that they’re preparing to handle even more storm damage.

“With the ground so saturated, we’re concerned of more damage to come,” Streeter said.

After preliminary assessments, Streeter suggested that the cost to fix the damaged roads could be costly.

“We’re still really in the response phase trying to assess what damage we have and what we see and it could get very costly,” Streeter explained.

Garrett Pinkston said that he’s seen some of the damage while in the area. His job is all outdoor work. He said that the storms and heavy rain has prevented him from being able to work.

“Powerlines down, trees everywhere and you got holes in the road,” Pinkston said. “On top of that is that it’s keeping us from work which is an issue.”

To stay updated on the current road conditions, Streeter suggested using the Knox County GIS website to see updated road conditions.