KNOX COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Update: This story has been updated to include a copy of the letter sent to Knox County officials from the Coroner Training Board in reference to the request to suspend the pay of Karen Donovan.

Indiana’s Coroner Training Board sent a letter in February to the Knox County Auditor to withhold Karen Donovan’s pay.

Lisa Barker, Executive Director of the Indiana State Coroners’ Assocation Board of directors said the board was not aware of Donovan’s arrest until they saw the news coverage. She confirmed that the Indiana State Police have not yet been in contact with them in regard to Donovan.

Barker said the association will fully support any legal proceedings.

Kellie Streeter, President of the Knox County Board of Commissioners, told WTWO the county received a letter from the Coroner Training Board on February 27, 2023, asking for Donovan’s pay to be suspended.

Barker said due to Karen Donovan not reporting her training hours per certification, the board sent the letter to the Knox County Auditor’s office to withhold pay until hours were reported per the state statue.

David Shelton, Knox County Republican Party Chairman said, “It came to light that the coroner had not submitted any claims since November of last year. Including paying the pathologist for the actual autopsies,” he said. “So, we put the right people in contact with the right people, we are getting bills paid, everything is running, again, smoothly. But it’s just a very, very sad situation with what happened. You know, being elected to an office is an honor and a sacred responsibility,” Shelton said.”

Streeter says the administrative duties of the coroner are currently being handled by county commissioners while the deputy coroners are conducting the business of the office.

“Her (Donavon’s) Chief Deputy and her Deputies have been doing the work, taking the actual calls, from several months, from best record I can find to back last fall,” Streeter said. “So, I want to thank them, and make sure everyone in Knox County knows that this isn’t a coroner’s office issue, it’s truly just the elected head,” she added.

County leaders have asked Donovan to resign. The County intends to enforce the Law of judicial removal at their meeting on April 4th. We’ll have a reporter at the meeting to bring the latest.

WTWO received a copy of the letter sent to county officials from the Coroner Training Board. We are still waiting on the Probable Cause Affidavit and will continue to update the community as more information becomes available.