JASONVILLE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — A new landmark has been introduced to Jasonville.

The Jasonville Veterans Memorial has replaced what used to be an abandoned house immediately entering the town. The Jasonville Veterans Memorial symbolizes the constant improvement of the town while also honoring the ones who fought for our freedom.

Brad Dickerson is the owner of the memorial, and he talks about why he wanted to make this change.

“We have torn down other eye sores in town. We just like to leave our town better than we found it years from now. That’s why my wife and I and niece do this.”

This is a great way to pay homage and immortalize a veteran that is near and dear to you.
People are able to buy bricks that have their names on them and put them in the memorial.

This, along with other aspects of the memorial, has caused quite the buzz in Jasonville. Dickerson explains the reaction from the community so far.

“Everyone is really rallying around this effort for the memorial and what it is doing to the town. For looks and the meaning of it.”

One of these people is local beauty salon owner Sharon Grizzel. Her beauty shop is right next to the memorial and thinks this addition is going to be way more welcoming for the area.

She wants to let everyone know that this symbolizes the beauty of Jasonville.

“I think that it is going to improve Jasonville, especially with people coming into Shakamak. I think it is very nice. Couldn’t ask for anything better to come to Jasonville” Grizzel said.

Anyone that is interested in purchasing a brick for this memorial can click the link here.