TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTW)/WAWV) — Ivy Tech Community College in Terre Haute will offer free classes to high school students this summer.

Leah Allman is the vice chancellor for enrollment services. Allman says all students in grades 9 through 12 can participate even if they’re graduating high school in May or June.

The program is also available to high school students in Illinois and those who are home-schooled. This is the second year Ivy Tech is offering the program.

Allman explained how this program can benefit local students.

“It gives students the opportunity to explore, so maybe a program that they’re thinking about when they go to college or maybe they’re a student who is working on a credential already from Ivy Tech, like the Indiana College Core, and they can complete that by taking these summer classes,” Allman explained.

The free classes start on June 5 and Allman encourages students to sign up now.

Those interested in participating or learning more can visit Ivy Tech’s Free Summer Classes webpage.