TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Local small businesses are starting to feel the effects of nationwide inflation.

Pacesetter Sports Owner Brent Compton said that he’s seeing a rise in prices in order to get goods into the store. He said that the price of equipment and shoes have gone up dramatically.

“Shoes that used to be $5 to $6 a pair to get them shipped here is now $13,” Compton explained.

Compton and many other small business owners have had to navigate through a pandemic, supply chain shortages and numerous other issues over the past two years. Now, this unexpected inflation can be added to the list.

“We had no idea that gasoline and all the other prices would so follow,” Compton said.

In Downtown Terre Haute, Ambro’s OMG Bar and Grill Owner Mark Whitehead said that he’s experiencing a similar issue. Whitehead said that the price of meat has gone up.

“Meat is outrageous right now,” Whitehead said. “The bacon you used to get for $20 is now $47.”

The restaurant just opened two weeks ago. Whitehead acknowledged that becoming a new business owner amidst nationwide inflation would be a challenge. But Whitehead said that he’s ready for it.

“I’m just one of those ones that has never really lived in fear too much and just roll with it,” Whitehead said.

Both Whitehead and Compton stated that each plan to continue to keep prices as low as they can for customers.