TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — With many of our local counties hitting near triple-digit temperatures, it is important to remember the danger it can be to our pets at home.

“It’s extremely dangerous, any time you have severe temperatures like this, it’s always beneficial to keep a close eye on your dog,” Gregory Reilly, a veterinary technician with Wabash Valley Animal Hospital, said.

Reilly said in these types of temperatures, heat stroke is a common problem for pets and can lead to more severe issues.

His biggest tips are to avoid leaving your animals outside for a long period of time, keep the walks short, and make sure they have plenty of water.

“Basically, their nose serves as an A/C unit more or less so with these extreme temperatures, all of this hot air is just going right into their nose, right into their lungs and that is where they can potentially come down with heat exhaustion or heat stroke,” Reilly said.

He mentioned it is also good to be aware of what type of animal you have. For instance, he said overweight animals or those with smaller noses can be at a higher risk for a heat stroke.

“Some of the signs are going to be obviously lethargy, extreme panting, a fever, drooling. Their gums will have a brick red color to that,” Reilly said.

If your animal begins to experience any of these symptoms, Reilly suggests you take your pet to a local vet immediately.