TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — A local family will be having the ribbon cutting for their new restaurant, Butta’s Better Barbeque, on Wednesday. 

Starting off as a food truck, the Hill family has made a name for themselves in the community and has worked to expand their business to a permanent location. Butta’s Better Barebque will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Thursday through Saturday with the official opening day on Thursday, April 27 at 920 N. 19th Street. 

Rodney Hill, the owner of Butta’s Better Barbeque discussed the menu options people can expect from the new restaurant. 

“People can expect barbeque with a twist. Most barbeque places, you think of ribs and rib tips and things like that, and of course we’re gonna have that. But we’ve got some specialty sandwiches like our famous porkalicious wrap, we have a rooster mac sandwich that’s delicious, we have smoke street tacos, which is really different, but we’ve got nothing but rave reviews about the things on our food truck so we’re just going to move them over here to our restaurant,” Hill explained. 

While the unique menu options, such as the New Orlean’s Pulled Pork sandwich inspired by a family friend, and the great barbecue is a big part of the family’s efforts, the namesake of their business has helped shape the Hill family’s journey. 

“Where we got our name from, the name Butta, it was our late son’s nickname. And at the time we were going through our grieving process, and a friend brought over some pulled pork and some coleslaw. And brought it to the house to help out the family, and he was telling me that down in New Orleans, where he’s from, that’s how they eat their pulled pork sandwiches,” Hill said. 

Hill continued, expressing the significance of his son’s memory in the efforts behind Butta’s Better Barbeque. 

“We went through a tough, tough time, and times still get a little tough. God has given us the spiritual strength for me and my family to go through the tragedy that we went through. And we always knew we wanted to do this kind of business and we know that our son would be instrumental in some kind of way,” Hill said. 

Although the restaurant is a new addition to the Butta’s Better Barbeque family business, Hill also noted that the food truck will still be at local events and festivals for people to enjoy.

For those interested in learning more about Butta’s Better Barbecue menu, catering, corporate events, or more, visit the website here, or check them out on Facebook.