TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Christmas music has now ramped up and so has the Christmas shopping, just in time for Small Business Saturday.

Over 50 vendors and businesses lined the halls of the Meadows Shopping Center Saturday, Nov. 27 as residents had the opportunity to get a start to their Christmas shopping.

Event organizer and Lili Pad store owner Christine Niemeyer said the event highlight the importance of shopping local.

“You have core businesses that are here but a lot of these people that are here, they depend on this income and just for events like this and around the holidays,” Niemeyer said. “That’s the key time so we always try to bring them out and sometimes they’ll sign up for this a year in advance.”

Niemeyer added that a benefit of shopping local is avoiding shipping delays.

“You can already be looking at gifts and know that you’re supporting local,” Niemeyer said. “You don’t have to worry about the shipping shortages or any of those things. You have that gift for that person underneath the tree and so you know that you are helping like every single one of these people appreciate you.”

For Dawn McCracken, owner of Repeat Boutique, Small Business Saturday allows businesses like hers an extra opportunity to promote her store.

“A lot of these people this is what they do for a living and these vendors out here, they’re small businesses even though they may only work weekends but they’re working all year long,” McCracken said. “As far as my shops and other shops in this Meadows, its a big weekend for us. We count on it.”

For vendors who started off the year slow, the holidays provide an another economic boost.

“Kind of slows down in January and February so yeah Christmas season is our ramp up to the first of the year to get us through and then after that, people start shopping again,” McCracken said.

If you missed the shopping, the Meadows vendor event will return on Dec. 18 with Santa being in attendance as well.