TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — As homecoming week gets underway at Indiana State University, Coby Clark, a senior majoring in communications is looking forward to the big game.

“I get to call the football game this Saturday. So, getting to do that is a great opportunity not only for myself but my future,” Clark said.

While students and alumni get pumped up for all of the events, ISU Police Department is initiating their plan. A plan, ISU’s director of Public Safety and Chief of Police, Michele Barrett said they’ve been preparing for since last spring.

“It’s a pretty well-oiled machine by this time that we just make sure we have manpower in place for all of the events that campus is sponsoring and we’re available for them.” Barrett went on to say that ISU P.D. is focused on stepping up manpower for campus-sponsored events, “Any on-campus events or campus-sponsored events, such as the parade, we assist with. And then of course, tailgating and the football game out at the stadium.”

When many people think of homecoming at ISU, ‘The Walk’ comes to mind. ‘The Walk’ happens off campus and is not sponsored by the university.

“Terre Haute City Police and Vigo County Sheriff’s department are the officers that are working along the walk, since it’s not campus sponsored. And then also at some of the taverns and bars along the way,” Barrett said.

‘The Walk’ is said to still be a big deal today but ISU P.D. collaborates with local law enforcement in an effort to keep everyone safe.

“We do now offer sober rides; they have some sober monitors that also walk so they university actually sponsors those events. They actually have a bus that will pick up at certain bus stops along businesses of Wabash and take you out to the stadium and then they’ll bring you back to campus after the game or at various times throughout the game. They do not go from tavern to tavern, but they will take you straight out to stadium,” Barrett said.

ISU freshman Jaydah Holmes said the school does a good job of making her feel safe, “As far as I know, I feel like this campus is pretty safe and I don’t think that’s going to change much with the homecoming parade.”

Does ISU P.D. see an increase in crime during Homecoming week?

“I would say there is probably a little more increase just because of the population that’s coming in. So, there’s not just our students on campus, but it’s their friends, maybe alumni, the families that all come in for the events,” Barrett said.

While officials continue initiating safety plans, Clark is focused on his opportunity to call play-by-play on ISU’s Student Media radio station, WZIS.

It’s just a thrill of mine. I love getting to express my feelings and tell a story through sports and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I’m absolutely blessed to have this opportunity,” Clark said.