TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – After a dip in applications in the last hiring period in January, the Indiana State Police is experiencing a shortage of troopers.

Although they can’t actively take applications until January, ISP Public Information Officer Sgt. Matt Ames said that they’re actively recruiting potential candidates for the job.

One reason for less manpower in the force that Ames pointed out is retirement. He said that they’re going through a period of troopers hitting the quarter-century mark with ISP and are going into retirement. The issue is further exemplified by not getting as many application as they would have liked back in January.

Despite the heftier workload on the officers, Ames assured that they’re committed to keeping you safe and officers will be available around the clock.

“One thing that we do is make sure that we have coverage 24 hours a day out here,” Ames said.

The recruiting never stops for ISP. Whether it be job fairs or social media, Ames said they’re always searching for the right candidates. After applying in January, a 23 week long academy is required.

One creative method that Ames said that ISP uses is ride along with an officer. If interested, you can ride along with a trooper to get a feel for what the job is like.

“You can go through the process and do a couple of ride alongs with a local trooper to see what it’s like to be out here working,” Ames said.