TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WAWV/WTWO) – The school year is right around the corner and the Indiana State Department of Health has partnered with local health departments for a back-to-school immunization campaign.

As vaccinations and other requirements for schools have changed over the last few years, The Vigo County Health Department said it’s better to stay ahead of your student’s health and wellness.

Health Educator for the Vigo County Health Department Michael Passmore said many schools require or highly recommend students to be up to date with vaccines, including all Covid-19 related vaccinations.

“The pandemic has changed since it started as we all know and we’ve had to make changes with that as well,” Passmore said. “Making sure that you’re up to date on the information with what your school requires is of the utmost importance to be able to continue to attend.”

Public Health Nurse and mom of four Chelsea Willis said while vaccinations have changed, many standard school immunizations have been around for years. She said it’s a priority that she stays up to date on her children’s vaccinations.

“Immunizations are extremely important to protect our children from diseases as well as the children around them,” Willis said. “Some of these diseases that it protects against can be deadly”

Willis as well as Vigo County Records Supervisor Loretta Nicoson said they would like to see an increase in students’ immunizations, as well as birth certificates for those who plan to have their child start kindergarten.

“Back-to-school time is always busy and everyone tries to squeeze in right before or right after,” Willis said. “So getting them in early is usually simpler with more openings available.”

“Usually we are quite busy with kindergarten round-up and of course, you know a lot of kids need their birth certificates before school,” Nicoson said. “However, we are really slow this year.”

The Vigo County Health Department said while vaccines can be costly, it’s important that their clinic keeps costs relatively low.

“We take the Medicaid’s, we take insurance, we take non-insured. For the non-insured there is just a ten dollar fee for any vaccine they get that day,” Willis said.

Passmore said this will help give everyone in the community an equal opportunity to stay up to date on those vaccinations.

For hours and operations of the Vigo County Clinic and Records Office, you can visit their website.

As for the back-to-school immunization campaign in Vigo county, no official date has been set.