LINTON, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Downtown Linton has been a staple of the city since its beginning.

However, over the past decade it has slowly faded away from what it used to be. INergize Linton is here to get it back to its true form.

Gregory Sapp is a board member of INergize Linton, and he expresses his agenda for this organization.

“As a kid, I remember spending a lot of time down town. There was various things that you could do,” Sapp said. “Now, a lot of that has gone away and I really what to try and bring some of that back.”

This organization was actually spun out of the city’s Mondays on Main Street program. They currently hold events on main street that are trying to bring life to main street.

Linton mayor, John Wilkes, explains how if this group continues to grow, there will be many doors opened up for the city.

“The Indiana Main Street Program under OCRA, The Office of Community and Rural Affairs, through the state can open up doors for grants to where we can get money and things for our downtown. That’s what they are trying to do. As mayor, I’m behind them one hundred percent.”

This group and their goals are nothing but positive reinforcement of all the good in this community. Mayor Wilkes has one final message for everyone in Linton.

“We are getting things really cleaned up downtown. With this group it will really help to energize things, to energize downtown Linton. It will just be good for the whole community,” added Wilkes.

INergize Linton and Mondays on Main Street plan to host a fall festival in October.