TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Indiana State University computer science major, Ahsan Khan, holds many titles and achievements, but one of the most significant is an internship for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Starting as a software engineer In September, Khan will begin a year-long, remote internship at the Katherine Johnson IV & V Facility. Khan will contribute to the communication software for the Orion spacecraft and will also be reviewing, and modifying software as well as contributing to the coding for the project. 

Having been applying for this opportunity for years, Khan applied in June, again in April, and then received a call.

Ahsan Khan (Courtesy of ISU)

“The job market is very competitive in the computer science field. After I applied, I wasn’t expecting an interview, and I was focusing on other internships because I wanted to keep my options open. One day I received a call from these four people from HR that wanted to interview me; I was nervous because I wasn’t expecting it, and I thought maybe I have a chance,” Khan said. 

Khan added what he believes secured him the position with NASA is his technical proficiency, responses to behavioral questions, his work at ISU, and being a people person. 

In addition to the NASA internship, Khan is a Student Assistant in the Office of the President and Provost, a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, and has been a Senator for the Student Government Association.

“It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to be with NASA. It went from ‘maybe one day’ to ‘now it’s here.’ I want to make NASA believe in my expertise and abilities. Young Ahsan could never have envisioned this,” Khan laughed. “I knew I’d always reach somewhere; I never knew it would be NASA. I’m excited for this journey to start.” 

Khan also explained a fascination with space from childhood, specifically finding interest in the moon landing and the 2014 film Interstellar. At Indiana State University, Khan has had the opportunity to implement and strengthen his computer skills while also exploring his interests in technology. These skills helped lead him to start a company that focuses on web development and design for local businesses called  Tech Tide Solutions.