VINCENNES, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — The Vincennes Township Fire Department got a needed upgrade thanks to a local Boy Scout Troop’s efforts.

As a part of his journey to become an Eagle Scout, Devon Noel, a Life Scout and Patrol Leader for Troop 210, saw a need in the community and worked to provide support where he could.

Devon’s father, Jason, has worked alongside his son to support his efforts to help their community. A lieutenant for the Vincennes Township Fire Department for nearly 20 years, Jason also took on the role of Cubmaster, and later Scout Master for Troop 210.

“He (Devon) started as a Cub Scout in first grade, and about a year or so into that, I became his Cubmaster and was Cubmaster for the pack for two or three years. And then when he moved on to the Boy Scout troop, I kind of moved on with them,” Jason explained.

With the benches around the fire department in desperate need of repair, Devon chose to put his work into a project that would be beneficial to many and something that many people would get use out of.

“He (Devon) wanted to do something that would be beneficial, that would get used. And I’m also on the fire department myself, and those are something that all the firefighters, we use on a regular basis, and they were in pretty bad shape,” Jason said. 

Devon met with the board for both the fire department and the Eagle Scouts before spending two weeks of labor with his troop to complete the project.

“For Devon, he had to do all the planning and preparing for the project. He sourced all the materials and the supplies and then organized all the labor. And then he scheduled all the days that we worked on the project. From his standpoint, he’s there as a leader. So he just provides guidance in leadership, and anytime we come across problems, and we came across several problems and issues, he would come up with resolutions to fix those problems,” Jason said. 

Now that the project is complete, Devon can apply for the Eagle Scouts and the local firefighters have new benches. 

“It’s actually helped two of our fire stations. They added refurbished benches that are outside of each building, and they’ve done a really good job. They have our station numbers on them and they’re painted up, look really good. They look nice and will serve the fire station but also serve our firefighters as well when they’re sitting outside in the warmer months. I think it’s a good community project and I think that’s what scouting is all about out, he (Devon) learns a lot doing that and also helps the community,” said Vincennes Township Fire Department Chief Tim Smith.  

Devon also shared that he plans to help others work towards their goal of becoming an Eagle Scout as well to continue supporting his troop and his community.

“We built benches for the fire department, my dad works in the fire department and I just thought that I could do something with them. I plan to help other people with their Eagle projects if they need help,” Devon said.