FARMERSBURG, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Bright red shrubs around the area may be pretty, but experts say they’re actually an invasive plant.

These bright red shrubs are called “burning bush” and you can easily identify them by their color. Amber Slaughterbeck is the regional specialist for the State of Indiana Cooperative Invasives Management and she asks people not to plant burning bushes and urges them to remove the plant if it’s on your property.

Slaughterbeck explains the threat it poses to the environment.

“It’s now spreading out into our natural areas just like it is behind me into our woodlands and into our fields and will readily takeover any space that the seeds will hit the ground so it likes shade and sun,” Slaughterbeck said.

Slaughterbeck also said that a small shrub or seedling can simply be pulled out of the ground, but if it’s a larger plant, you can cut it at the base and put an herbicide on the cut.