TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — After continued concerns on a stretch of US 41, county and state leaders are looking to correct traffic flow. Improvements could soon be coming to the median near Chick-fil-A and Towne South Plaza.

One rendering shows placing a concrete barrier in the middle and creating a left turn lane for each side of traffic.

Officials with INDOT and Vigo County describe this stretch of US 41 near Johnson Drive as congested and dangerous. While a solution to that issue is in its very early stages, its something that’s been discussed for awhile.

Its dinner time for Terry Dewy and their family. They’ve chosen Arby’s one of the many restaurants along US 41.

“Big beef with a Pepsi,” Dewy stated. “Any fries?” Zeke asked. “If they got them,” Dewy said.

But there’s one problem for any driver trying to make a turn near Johnson Drive.

Congested traffic and drivers shooting across the median. It’s a concern for Dewy, who said he supports a measure to better control traffic flow.

“Crowded that’s the best way to say it. They got people going into Walgreens and they got people coming in and out of Chick-fil-A it creates a problem,” Dewy stated.

Any improvements to the road would have to be made by the Indiana Department of Transportation. INDOT has already conducted studies including traffic volume at different times of the day, vehicle accidents, and the feasibility of alternate routes.

The department will make a decision based off of conversations with residents, city and county leaders, and surrounding businesses. Once a design is approved a priority level will be assigned.

“We have determined the alternative to the current traffic patterns,” Delucaney stated. “So that being said we are in the very early planning stages in the process. Nothing is concrete.”

A total project cost is currently unknown. One rendering shows placing a concrete barrier in the median. It would give anyone traveling North or South on US 41 a left turn into Chick-fil-A or Towne South Plaza.

“There’s no impeding of traffic, it just stops the traffic from shooting straight across that causes a lot of wrecks in that area and a couple of fatalities,” Switzer said. “So we just think that’s the best way to go.”

Commissioner Switzer adds by mid May, city and county engineers will meet to discuss further improvements to the area. A time line for construction is not known.