OBLONG, Ill. (WTWO/WAWV) – The Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau announced several changes to its Firearm Owner Identification Card program on Monday.

Beginning on January 1st, FOID cards will no longer display an expiration date. If a FOID card is renewed and you have a concealed carry permit, it will be issued as a combined FOID and CCL card.

Owner of Sacky’s Firearms Mark Sackrider said that although this change is talked about by many amongst the firearm community in Illinois, he doesn’t think the change will make a huge difference.

“I don’t think it’s going to hurt or help the firearms industry at all,” Sackrider said. “I mean it doesn’t really affect purchasing.”

Old and new FOID cards will be in circulation as this transition takes place. Sackrider said that there will be confusion, but he’s equipped to handle it.

“We’ll know what the rules are and we’ll be able to implement no matter if you have the old FOID card or the newer FOID cards,” Sackrider explained.

Derek Rice was a customer at Sacky’s Firearms on Wednesday, and he said that there was initially some confusion and concern about the updated cards. However, Rice believes the changes will benefit gun owners in the long run.

“I thought it would cause more issues with getting FOID cards,” Rice said. “But now that I see what they’re doing, I think it’ll make it easier in the long run.”

As the transition process continues, Rice stated that its best for he and other Illinois residents to remain patient with the FOID card process.

“Take your time and be patient with it because it sounds like they’re trying to make things a bit more simplistic,” Rice said.