MARSHALL, Ill. (WTWO/WAWV) — A local boutique in Marshall will be collaborating with students for a real life experience. Hutsonville High School students were assigned to research trends to create an item to be sold at the boutique.

From shoes, clothing, and to accessories. Students have been working since August to create a fashion line for a local boutique’s spring and summer collection. This project is a part of the students’ final grade and will require them to not only create the item, but to sell and promote the item.

Sassy Southern Chic’s stylist Joslyn Hain said this gives students the opportunity to learn how to manage a business.

“You know they don’t really teach you how to start a business, how to do your taxes. There’s a lot more behind the scenes,” Hain said.

Once the students picked out the item they wanted to sell the students took pictures of them modeling the items to have them advertised on the boutique’s website.

Family and consumer science teacher Kylee Strohm said she’s hopeful this will relate to the students’ everyday lives.

“They learned about wholesale pricing and retail pricing. How to get people to come into the store to buy their item. We’ve talked about cost involved in a business,” Strohm stated.

The family and consumer science class not only teaches the students about fashion, but also how to cook, build relationships, childcare, and job internships. Senior Destini Birchfield currently has a job internship at the boutique on the weekends.

“I help put out new merchandise. I help with customers. I help in the salon whenever they need help,” Birchfield stated.

Hutsonville High School recently started the family and consumer science class this year to teach students more about everyday life experiences.

Principal Travis Tittsworth said having this class back gives students the opportunity to find something they love doing.

“This gives another niche for them to find something that they really like and they can really thrive in. We have a lot of kids who thrive in this area and that’s another area we’ve been able to bring back here,” Tittsworth said.

Students said after taking this class they will be able to carry the things they’ve learned for the rest of their lives.

“I think it really helped me realize that you can’t always get what you want, you have to work with other people to get stuff putt out there,” Jaedlynn Riggs stated.

“If I get a rip in my clothes I know how to sew it now,” Birchfield stated.

The items are now being sold at Sassy Southern Chic Boutique in Marshall on Archer Avenue.