SULLIVAN, Ind (WTWO/WAWV) — Tina Baker, shelter manager of The Humane Society of Sullivan County has been out helping make animal rescues since a tornado swept through the county displacing many pets.

“We’ve taken in 54 animals for the storm area,” Baker said.

Through the shelter’s Facebook page, they continue to reunite animals and loved ones.

“We have reunited 18 animals back to their owner,” Baker said.

Of those reunited, Forrest the cat is one that many residents were worried about and searching for.

“All of these animals mean a lot to their owners,” Baker said. “We had several individuals looking for a specific cat named Forrest,” she added.

Forrest the cat was said to have been through a couple of traumatic events in his lifetime.

“Forrest was found about a week later, in the debris where his owners were located,” Baker said.

Forrest was found alive and well.

“We got him in, we got him cleaned up, we gave him some fluids, just because he had been in that rubble all week and he was able to go back to owners on Saturday,” Baker said.

The Humane Society says of the 54 displaced animals, about 13 of them will be staying at the shelter. Several other animals are being boarded at Just Paws Pet Services also in Sullivan County. Baker said they already care for 80 to 90 animals in total. With the additional 54 animals from the storm, they have counted on and appreciated the donations from near and far.

“These people that have made these donations is just a huge asset to us,” Baker said.

The shelter says they have plenty of supplies thanks to the generosity of their donors. They are now working on care packages utilizing those donations to send home with dogs and cats.

Baker said, as for the animals that will stay at the shelter, “We need to start thinking more of long term. So, these animals that aren’t going back, are going to need their full medical work-up,” she said. “So, they’re going to be spayed, neutered, microchipped, receive all age-appropriate vaccinations, flea and tick treated, dewormed. That’s going to be a bill that’s unexpected,” she added.

The Humane Society will now look toward financial donations to help pay for medical care for these animals. For those still looking for their pet, Baker says not to lose hope.

“If you’re still looking for your pet, follow our social media page. Send us pictures,” she said. “These animals can show up three, four, five, six weeks down the road. You know, they’re displaced, they know that there is something going on and they may eventually venture back to the area that they’re familiar with. So, don’t lose hope, send us those pictures, and we’ll keep looking,” she added.

Monetary donations can be made through The Humane Society of Sullivan County’s website as well as directly to their Paypal link, @sullivanhumane.

The shelter also has an endowment fund set up at the Wabash Valley Community Foundation.