INDIANAPOLIS (WTWO/WAWV) — This week is National Farm Safety and Health Week. If they haven’t already, rural residents will soon start seeing large farm equipment on the roadways.

According to the Indiana Farm Bureau, one of the biggest concerns for farmers each fall is their safety and the safety of others while driving farm equipment on rural roads.

Indiana farmers encourage drivers to:

  • Be alert and expect to encounter farm machinery when on rural roads this fall. Leave a little early as to not be in too much of a rush.
  • Be patient when behind machinery. It may appear to you that a piece of machinery could pull off to the side, but farmers have to consider power lines, ditches and much more.
  • Always assume that the farmer cannot see your vehicle. They have several blind spots.
  • If a farmer waves you on or if you are able to safely, feel free to slowly pass farm equipment.