TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– Halloween is finally here, but for families around the Wabash Valley, it brought one scary sight– some of the lowest temperatures the holiday has seen in years.

In Terre Haute, the forecast hovers around freezing, which could be the coldest Halloween in almost 70 years. It’s enough to make anyone jump– and Kevin Kull, the EMS chief for the Terre Haute Fire Department, reminds those going trick-or-treating to bundle up.

“They definitely need to dress appropriately, warm clothing underneath their costumes so it’s not impeding their holiday. That way they stay warm,” he said.

Hundreds still flooded the streets for the first day of festivities Monday, and managed to plenty of fun, like Brian Wulf. 

The Terre Haute resident spent the day passing out candy with his children, Ella and Jackson– but he made sure to come ready for the elements.

“We were prepared for the evening,” he said. “I’m trying to get [Ella] to zip up at some point but we’ll get there eventually.”

Despite the colder temperatures, he said the excitement for the holiday remained prevalent for families around the area.

“One of the reasons we moved into a neighborhood like this is to have interactions with the other kids,” he said. “Both my wife and I grew up in a neighborhood like this where we were able to run house to house and be with our friends, so it’s nice to have our kids growing up the same way for sure.”

Despite bringing a coat and gloves, Kull also said to bring a flashlight for when the sun goes down– and make sure to watch your step.

“The biggest thing to consider now is with it being so cold, the potential for frost to be on the leaves, it could also create a fall hazard,” he said. 

Kull also mentioned that they typically see several dog attacks as pets aren’t used to seeing costumes and masks, so participating homeowners should be sure to be careful.