TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Gas prices are falling, and experts have said that this trend could continue.

Just a few months ago, drivers were paying prices well about $5 per gallon. Now, the average price of a gallon of gas in Indiana is $3.54.

Patrick DeHaan with GasBuddy said that it seems that gas prices could continue to fall in the next few weeks. This is likely due to a decline in oil prices.

The national average for gas dropped about 12 cents since just last week. Vigo County resident Kristina Price said that she’s noticed this decline and she’s optimistic that it could continue.

“I look at that everyday so seeing gas prices drop is amazing,” Price said.

Despite the recent dip, drivers are still recovering from the record inflation that the country experienced over the summer.

Vigo County resident Tom Collins said that he drives a dump truck and immediately felt the negative impact of higher gas prices.

“It was tough on a lot of people,” Collins said. “I drive a dump truck and I know the people I drive for had to raise their prices.”

DeHaan suggested that the decline in gas prices could change as they are relatively unpredictable. Collins said that he wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

“I think you’ll see them drop a little more, but I think you’ll see them go back up,” Collins said.

However, Collins explained that it would be a big relief to see the prices continue to fall.

“Makes it easier on everybody,” Collins said.