TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – If you are or have been the parent of an athlete, you’ve probably put a few hundred, or thousand, miles on your vehicle.

The indoor fieldhouse and outdoor sports complex for Terre Haute that was proposed to the Vigo County Capital Improvement Board last week could save a lot of travel time for local athletes.

“A lot of our weekends start very early, 5 a.m. on Saturday. We’re driving to Westfield, Avon -[and] Greenwood. It is a lot of drive time,” Amanda Hogue, Terre Haute soccer mom, said.

Hogue has two boys, both of whom play sports all year round.

900 families currently play soccer at the Vigo County Youth Soccer Association, and the Hogue family is a part of that.

“We have driven in inclement weather many times for the sake of the love of the game and it’s definitely something if we had a facility here in town would be just a major weight lifted off our shoulders,” Hogue said.

The potential sports complex could add more indoor and outdoor soccer space in Terre Haute.

“How would we use a new complex? We would hope to be involved as stakeholders in that complex. We would hope to continue to meet with the development group to help guide and develop what they would put together,” Ethan Rayburn, President of the Vigo County Youth Soccer Association, said.

The recommendation is to have a complex with outdoor soccer fields, baseball fields and more, in addition to an indoor fieldhouse.

Rayburn said anything new and innovative coming to Terre Haute is a good thing, but a lot is still in the air with how the VCYSA would utilize that facility.

“The biggest thing we want to ensure for our members is that we are able to offer a program that is both competitive and not cost-prohibitive,” Rayburn said.

Hogue said she also remains hopeful as this could be huge for her family and the entire community.

“To have a facility where the competition comes to us, that would be so huge for our community and a way for me as an employer to attract and retain talent as well,” Hogue said.

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