Horizon Health’s Momentum program enhances athletic ability while preventing injury

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No matter what sport you play, there’s always room for improvement.

That’s one of the reasons Horizon Health in Paris, Illinois offers the Momentum program.

It’s aimed at enhancing your abilities and improving your performance, while preventing injuries.

“The whole idea behind the program was to keep athletes on the court on the field and on the track. Try to keep them involved, keep them active, without injury, but it quickly rolled into sports enhancement. These kids were getting stronger. They were getting faster, they were excelling a little bit greater,” says physical therapist Danielle Colvin.

During your first visit, sports medicine professionals will put you through a series of tests to see what areas you need to work on from flexibility to core stabilization to strength and more.

It’s way to make improvements during the off season or outside normal team practice.

“Right now, is a a great time during the off season, during the summer to pre-condition yourself to get your self in better shape,” says Colvin. “So right now, is really working on you, your individual development goals.”

A customized program is devised to help you achieve your goals.

This program s for all ages from students to adults.

No referral is needed.

The first visit to the Momentum program is free. After that it’s $30 for a 30 minute session.

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