Paris, Ill. (WTWO/WAWV) Horizon Health in Paris, Illinois welcomes a new podiatrist who also specializes in wound care.

Dr. Brittany Wojnicki studied athletic training at the University of Illinois Champaign, but knew she wanted to do something more. Someone mentioned she should become a podiatrist.

Dr. Wojnicki, “I said, what’s a podiatrist, my senior year of college, but I shadowed actually a few and they all loved their job. And, so I knew it was just something I wanted to do after that. And, its been the best choices I’ve ever made.”

Her choice led her to Horizon Health. She treats patients at the clinic and performs surgery at the hospital.

Dr. Wojnicki, “Podiatrists cover a lot of different, types of diseases and, um, all the way from wound care, diabetic wound care to flat foot reconstructions and heel pain. Basically anything that involves the foot and ankle podiatrists can do well.”

She says the most common problem she sees is heel pain.

Dr. Wojnicki, “When people work especially on concrete all day long, you’re probably bound to get heel pain at some point. So, I have a step-wise approach from the most conservative approach to the most aggressive approaches for heel pain.”

Besides podiatry, Dr. Wojnicki treats wounds that won’t heal. Many of the patients with wound issues are diabetic.

Dr. Wojnicki, “A lot of our diabetics have neuropathy and they can’t feel their feet. So, they don’t realize that they have a wound on, or even the start of a wound, on the bottom of their foot. And then that just continues to progress”

It’s important to stop that progress before a wound turns into a bone infection that requires amputation.

Dr. Wojnicki, “We really are all about limb salvage and we want to protect people as long as they can to keep their foot and leg as long as possible and hopefully forever.”

To make an appointment call Horizon Health at 217-465-8438