BENTON, Ky (WTWO/WAWV) —After a devastating tornado hit parts of Western Kentucky, communities are slowly rebuilding. Since December 10, multiple organizations have flooded the area to help in any way they can.

Sherry Fagner, Indiana Region Mass Care Lead with the Red Cross says the focus is on immediate individual needs, including shelter, clothing and food.

“There’s been a lot of generosity and we are able to provide more assistance then what is normally provided, so that’s all coming,” Fagner said.

But, through devastation, there’s hope and an overwhelming outreach to help those who need it most.

“It has been enormous, the efforts across the country and right here locally has just been enormous. It is great to see an outpour for a community that truly needs it,” She said.

Fagner adds the best way to help affected areas is to financially support a non-profit or charity of your choice.

“Those unsolicited goods are piling up. There are tons of goods that are out there, that’s not always good,” She stated.

Helping His Hands Disaster Relief, based in Vincennes, touched down in the Blue Grass State shortly after the storms hit.

Founder, Scott Shipman, says the organization is focusing on clean-up efforts and individual assistance.

“It’s really kind of hard to put into words. Like I always tell everyone, I would hope that if I went through this there’d be people helping me like we’re helping them,” Shipman said.

Multiple trailers with supplies have come from the Vincennes community.

Dan Short, Deputy Sheriff in Knox County describes the contributions as a stepping stone towards restoration.

“A situation that is this catastrophic, it’ll eat up the resources you have in a local community. You can’t just make it back up by yourself. It’s going to take help from Helping His Hands and other organizations that have stepped up. It’s fantastic when everyone puts their differences aside, whatever that may be and come together as a family.” Short said.

For more ways to help areas affected, click this link.