VINCENNES/DUGGER, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, several local organizations and residents are raising much-needed disaster relief funds.

Helping His Hands in Vincennes has sent both manpower and food down to Fort Meyers and Naples, Florida.

Courtesy of Helping His Hands
Courtesy of Helping His Hands

Chief Operating Officer, Jason Burkhart, said volunteers have been cleaning up roadways and removing trees from homes. The most needed supplies are water, generators, tarps for roofs and monetary donations.

“It’s affected, everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a mobile home or a $20 million home, it is all underwater,” He said.

The organization is facing challenges. Burkhart adds that donations are down due to inflation and the cost to fill one of the non-profit’s trucks ranges from $400 to $500. With building supplies expected to go up in price, community support is needed.

“We’re still responding, we’re doing this and doing the best we can. It does take money to do this so anything you guys could do, we would appreciate,” He said.

Helping His Hands is located at 2011 Willow Street in Vincennes, 812-494-2888.

Below is more information on an upcoming fundraiser.

On Wednesday in Dugger, 11-year-old Abby Shepler partnered with the Sullivan Salvation Army to raise money for hurricane victims by hula hooping. As of Friday, the pair has raised $384 and counting.

The sixth grader said she wants to make a positive impact.

“One of the reasons is we have family and friends down there and also; I really want to help people that may have been hurt or have lost something down there. If you can help anybody, if you get a chance to, do it,” She said.

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