TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — The fourth graders at St. Patrick School had the opportunity to learn about and become someone with significant ties to the state of Indiana through their Hoosier Legend Wax Museum project.

The students spend 6 weeks researching their Hoosier Legend, preparing their speech, display boards, costumes, and more in preparation for the wax museum.

“They choose someone that has ties to Indiana. They don’t have to have lived here or have been born here, they just have to be able to show a significant impact or tie to Indiana,” explained Wendy Baker, a 4th-grade teacher at St. Patrick School. “So they get to choose someone they’re interested in, they research them, they do a whole research packet, we learn how to do bibliographies and we learn about plagiarism, all the fun stuff. And from their research, they construct their display boards and a speech, and then they present themselves as that Hoosier,” Baker added.

Among the many famous Hoosiers chosen for presentation by the 4th graders, the wax museum featured Eva Kor, Orville Redenbacher, Larry Bird, Gus Grissom, Jim Davis, Amelia Earhart, Janet and Michael Jackson, Bob Ross, Colonel Sanders, Jane Pauley, Jenna Fischer and many more.

A few students shared their thoughts on their experience with the wax museum. 

“We get to tell other kids in our school about their person and what they did,” Gabrielle Churchill, a 4th grader presenting as American television host and reporter, Jane Pauley said. 

“It’s really fun to learn about everyone and I’ve learned really cool things about everyone’s person, so it’s a lot of fun,” said 4th grader Madeline Meumane while presenting as singer and performer Janet Jackson. 

The Hoosier Legend Wax Museum is a tradition for the 4th grade at St. Patrick School and gives the students the opportunity to learn research and public speaking skills in a fun and creative way.

“I think they’ve done a fabulous job. They really step up to the plate and take it seriously. They work on their research all through and they practice their speeches with one another, they practice them at home, and I think they’ve done a really good job,” Baker said.