VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Homeowners in Terre Haute could be impacted by an proposed ordinance. It could change what is allowed in family residential zones.

In a packed City Council chambers, a number of residents expressed worry that the proposal would hurt access to sober living facilities. They want the council to study the issue before making a decision.

“I’m a person of long term recovery in this recovery community and I’ve been sober since March 7th, 2017,” Concerned citizen Issy Kelley said. “These ordinances affect everyone and it affects new sober living coming in.”

Other residents, like some from the Collett Park, support those in recovery, but they say such facilities need more supervision, especially an existing sober house in their neighborhood.

“We don’t want them to buy other houses in our neighborhood or any other neighborhood,” Member of the Collett Park Association Anita Davis said.

City attorney Eddie Felling proposed the changes to the ordinance because he wants to see more regulation on recovery homes. He also supports those in recovery, but says there needs to be more supervision.

“We’ve had a lot of sober living facilities coming into town, in recent history, and we needed to have some way to regulate and to keep tabs on where they’re going and making sure they’re run properly and in a safe way,” Felling said.

Felling also said the ordinance would not impact existing recovery facilities and any new facilities will have to adhere to the proposed new rules.

Council tabled the ordinance, so the issue can be studied more closely. The ordinance can be found on the City Council’s website and Councilman Azar requested public input.

The issue has been tabled until April 6, 2023.