ROCKVILLE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The Historic Billie Creek Village could be making a return to glory.

The village was created in the 1960s and is comprised of old historic buildings in Parke County. The formation of the village was mainly volunteer led, and those same volunteers essentially operated the village.

As time passed, the original volunteers either moved away or passed away. This left the village without a vision or a reason for people to visit the area. The now 60-year-old property escaped demolition in 2005, but has sat idling for years.

New management plans to take over the property and restore it to its former glory. Manager Gregg Larson said that hopes to schedule more events in the future on the property and bring in tour guides as well.

He described the site as a living history museum as it features three covered bridges and numerous buildings with historical significance. He said that the history inspired him to take over the property.

“I have a crew of restorationists and I have a crew of event planners,” Larson said. “Bringing Billie Creek would be under our management.”

Larson said that Billie Creek has been utilized during some Covered Bridge Festivals, but not to the extent of where constant foot traffic would travel through the site. He said that a new and improved Billie Creek would complement well with the festival in bringing in tourists.

“A big part of Parke County is tourism,” Larson explained. “Billie Creek would have tens of thousands of visitors a year.”

Kaitlyn Skinner works at The Red Raccoon which is just down the road from Billie Creek. Skinner said that she has a person connection with the property and hopes to see it be restored to its previous glory.

“My grandparents property is right across the way from Billie Creek Village and I grew up riding my four wheelers through there,” Skinner said. “It’d be great for the community to open it back up and get it in use again.”

Larson said that he hopes to schedule the first event on the property in May.