KNOX CO, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Delayed production and damaged crops, it’s the reality some farmers in the Wabash Valley are facing after a week of heavy rain.

In Crawford County, workers are working around the clock harvesting watermelons. But, recent rain has made the task more difficult.

“We personally need to be doing 50 bus loads. We’re doing 20, maybe 25, it’s just bogged down in the mud,” Cody Smith, VP of Sales with Freyco Produce, said.

Heavy rains have left behind a devastating trail. Smith said they’ve lost up to 25% of their crop.

The rainfall has either flooded crops or has made it more difficult for farmers to access during a harvest. Plants are also dealing with more disease pressure due to high temperatures and humidity.

Smith said employees are spending more time washing fruit that’s covered with mud.

“After some weather issues that happened in Georgia, it caused a high demand for watermelons, which now everybody is trying to get them out. Production is cut in half or more. It’s really slowed us down,” Smith added.

With Knox County having a diverse crop selection, including corn, soybeans and watermelons, it’s hard to tell which plant took the most damage.

“September is probably when we’ll see corn and soybeans harvested. There could be some things going on before that point to cause corn and soybeans harvest to be a struggle,” Valerie Clingerman, with Knox County’s Purdue Extension Office, said.

After heavy conditions, farmers have reached a point where it is too late to replant.

“They’re doing all that they can. You might see an increase in price on watermelon, but it’s not like we’re not working for it,” Smith added.