TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Hundreds of people gathered at Wabash Avenue on Saturday morning to walk for a good cause.

This is now the eighth year that the Hamilton Center has hosted their Diversity Walk, which symbolizes that everyone loves everyone in this community.

The walk is 1.5 miles, and begins and ends at the corner of 6th and Ohio. It was free to enter, and participants got a free T-shirt as well.

The tradition began in 2014, because president and CEO of the Hamilton Center, Melvin L. Burks, and likeminded community members recognized that the power of unifying the community to spread the message of love and respect to all.

Another big piece in this walk taking place is Hamilton Center’s Chief of Culture, Shannon Jackson.

He had this to say about what makes this walk important to the continued diversity acceptance of this community.

“This walk encourages people that you have value and it’s okay just to be you and that’s good enough.”

The Hamilton Center officials were extremely happy with the turnout and participation for this event and hope that it continues to grow for years to come.