TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– A movie on Friday night. S’mores on Saturday. And lots of biking in between.

The Griffin Bike Park hosted dozens of local riders this weekend for their 6th annual “Bike-a-palooza” event. Park manager Rich Moore said the event included people of all ages.

“We had 31 riders [on Saturday], all the way from three years old, to I think the oldest was in his 50’s,” he said. “The 54-year-old is racing the 16-year-old and holding his own. The five year old is racing the 8-year old and holding his own. We’re all just having a blast out here.”

Moore said the focus of the festivities are the kids. He said his favorite part of the weekend was handing out awards following the different racing events.

“Seeing the kids get the series end awards. For short track, we gave them a ballcap and a tumbler that had which place they got in the series. This race, we had a custom number plate and a custom hat. Kids just love getting out here and riding,” he said. “They’re the future of the sport, we’re just trying to keep it going.”

Moore said the event was also a reflection of the community that’s developed since the park opened back in 2016.

“The community is like family. All these folks, if I need help or if someone else needs help, everybody runs to them. It’s great, it’s easy to get into that group, you just come out and start riding, and start enjoying yourself,” he said.

Moore added information for upcoming events this fall can be found on the park’s website.