BLOOMFIELD, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– Greene County Humane Society held an event Saturday where people could get free microchip implants for their pets.

Microchipping helps the owner of these animals be able to track their pet if it gets lost. It does this by sending out a signal that traces them back to their owners.

The organization took in nearly 200 lost animals over the past year, which was a big uptick from the previous year. At a similar event in 2022 they chipped over 250 household pets and the goal this year was 300.

Kegan Inman is the president of the board for the Greene County Humane Society, and he expresses the value these chips have for families.

“They can just go straight home. For me that’s why we do this, so that we can get more people’s animals back to them quicker.”

He also wanted to say to everyone that these chips are only positive.

“I know that a lot of people get scared for shy away from anything like this. However, they are the best and most efficient way to track your animal if they ever get lost. We hope they never do, but we know it happens and we want to make sure they’re found if they do,” added Inman.

The Greene County Humane Society will be in Linton next Saturday for anyone who missed this one.