TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Great Dane moved another step closer Tuesday to having its tax abatement request approved by the Vigo County Council.

The council approved a declaratory resolution for the designation of an economic revitalization area for the tax abatement request. This is a required preliminary step to potentially approve the request.

Great Dane Plant Manager Matthew Johnson said it is exciting to get the support of the council as Great Dane moves past this first step.

“It gives us a little bit of freedom to continue moving forward with the project,” Johnson said. “We still have the meeting in January but it does give us the freedom to move forward.”

The biggest decision will be made in January when the Vigo County Council will officially vote to potentially approve the tax abatement request.

“That’s when we actually take up the tax abatement itself,” Vigo County Councilwoman Vicki Weger said. “It just abates it down over a ten year period and gives them an opportunity to invest their money and give them a little break on their taxes.”

Johnson said he is looking forward to having the opportunity to invest in Vigo County with this expansion project.

“Terre Haute is a top-tier plant at Great Dane and it has very strong ties to the community,” Johnson explained. “This whole community is why Great Dane wants to continue to invest in this community.”