TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Gas prices hit as high as $5.25 per gallon in Terre Haute on Monday as costs continued to skyrocket.

According to data from Gasbuddy, the average price for unleaded gas in the state was $5.00, 78 cents higher than a month ago and a 41-cent increase in the last seven days.

Steve Reed, an economist in the consumer price index program, said these prices have a ripple effect in our lives. 

“There’s also this indirect affect, we can’t exactly quantify it, but we know when energy costs are higher, it’s more expensive to produce things and especially more expensive to transport things,” he said. “For example, we’re seeing food price increases.

One man from Terre Haute made the decision to buy a moped in part due to the gas prices.

Neil Ward said he had been looking for the past few months, and as gas prices rose, they became increasingly harder to find.

“As the gas prices continued to rise that made inventory much, much less.”

Ward was able to find one he wanted over the weekend. He said the moped not only helps with gas costs, but also is friendly to the environment.

This is another way in helping to save the planet by conserving gas, and as petroleum and gas prices continue to rise, you get something that’s fun to drive around town that gets 75-80 miles a gallon.” Ward said. “It’s not a bad deal honestly.”