TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — The Terre Haute Police Department said that two adult males, reportedly shooting a “gangster video”, caused customers to flee the eastside Walmart in fear Tuesday.

In a post to Facebook, THPD confirmed the men entered the building, located at 2399 S State Road 46, wearing “balaclava style” ski masks with one having a handgun visibly in his waistband.

Their appearance caused people inside to evacuate the building in fear.

Officers were able to locate and detain the individuals at gunpoint near the jewelry counter. Officers eventually learned the handgun was a pellet gun. The men informed police they were dressed as they were in order to create a “gangster video.”

According to police, they contacted the Vigo County Prosecutor’s Office and were informed no crime had been committed. The two men were then released from custody.

THPD later posted a follow-up looking to clarify a few points regarding this incident.

The purpose of our earlier post regarding the events at Walmart was to inform the public of what had occurred and to dispel false social media rumors indicating that an active shooter event had occurred. While both the department and prosecutor’s office believe the actions of these two individuals was irresponsible and even repulsive, we also understand that in these specific circumstances neither individual took actions (verbal threat, pointing of firearm, etc) that would meet the threshold for violating current Indiana law. The inclusion of the prosecutor’s determination was meant to demonstrate that every step has been taken to hold accountable this conduct under current law, and not that we believe their assessment of the law in these specific circumstances was flawed. We both understand and share in the frustration over this incident and recognize the fear and potential for serious injury it has created.

THPD Facebook post