TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– It took multiple tries with the oversized scissors to cut the ribbon for the new Family Life center at the First Baptist Church in Terre Haute.

Senior Pastor, John Campbell, said it was a good metaphor for the roadblocks they’ve encountered in the project, one that goes back to 2014.

“It was a very long process to get to today, and the building was actually supposed to be done a couple years ago, but [the pandemic] hit pause and stopped all the construction and planning for about a year,” he said.

“Having put so much time and work into it, it was emotional for our church, it was an exciting day for our church, and we’re just so very thankful to open the doors and to start inviting people in use the building,” Campbell added.

The new building includes several breakout rooms and a gymnasium. It is connected to the church, which is located on Poplar Street.

Campbell said he hopes the building can be a resource for local organizations, and hopes the church can help in solving short and long-term problems Terre Haute has faced.

“We hope to help people who are hungry, we hope to raise up a new generation that’s going to be our new workforce and future leaders,” he said. “We hope to help with the addiction issues that are here in Terre Haute, and so we’re opening these doors because we think it’s our responsibility to be good neighbors.”

Campbell said the church is planning to hold a community open house in September.