(WTWO/WAWV) — As temperatures are beginning to get colder, people are starting to use various ways to heat their homes, including fireplaces.

However, this seemingly small act can have dangerous repercussions and there are some things to keep in mind. Earlier this week, MyWabashValley.com reported on a fire in clay county that damaged a home.

Posey Township Fire Chief Cody Barnard said the home’s chimney had been closed off by a previous owner.
The current occupant did not know that, and started a fire in the fireplace which spread to the attic.

Barnard said usually chimney fires are due to a build up of creosote. He said he suggests hiring a professional company each year to check out the chimney and fireplace and then clean them if necessary before you use them.

“Have a company come in and check it out. Overlook it,” Barnard said. “Make sure it doesn’t need cleaned. Make sure there isn’t that build up in creosote we’re talking about. Make sure they don’t find any flaws maybe you don’t even know about.”

No one was hurt in the fire on Monday, Barnard said.