VIGO COUNTY, Ind (WTWO/WAWV) — Vigo County school enrollment is underway and there are some things parents can do to help get their little ones ready for the classroom.

Ashley Bennett, the principal of Deming Early Learning Center encourages parents to sign their children up early.

She said that doing so will help families get information like class lists early on. She adds there are things parents should keep in mind when trying to assure their children are successful at school.

“Reading to your child 20 minutes a day can make a humongous difference, so if everyone could read to their child for 20 minutes a day at home, that would be great,” said Bennett.

She also wants parents with pre-school-aged children to know about the opportunity to sign up for “On My Way Pre-K.”

“The On My Way Pre-K grant enables kids to come to school for free or for a discounted price. Pre-school unfortunately is not funded by the government, so it’s a parent pay situation. So if you can use the On My Way Pre-K grant, it gives you that leg-up to help start school,” Bennett said.

Enrolling a child is as easy as going to Vigo Schools website and clicking on “Enroll Now.”